When Should You Change Your Brake Pads

When To Change Brake Pads in Truro, Nova Scotia

Are you tired of having to worry about how often to replace brake pads? Truro Nissan is your preferred dealership in Truro, Nova Scotia, offering you advice on your brake pad life expectancy. Serving the surrounding areas of Bible Hill, Valley, Brookfield and Stewiacke, our service centre can answer all your questions about changing brake pads. Please keep reading for more information on when to change your brake pads and why it's crucial.

Importance of Getting Your Brakes Checked

Working brakes are essential for making sure your vehicle is safe. Knowing when to replace them is critical to ensure you and the drivers around you avoid unnecessary accidents. Vehicle owners can expect to change their brake pads on average every 75,000 kilometres, though some may need to be changed as early as 25,000 kilometres. While it's easy to ignore the signs, getting your brake pads checked is a guarantee you won't encounter any unwanted problems further on down the road.

Three Signs Indicating That You Need to Replace Your Brake Pads

Knowing when to change your brake pads isn't quite as complicated as it sounds. Remember that every vehicle is different, as are the owner's driving styles, which means some brakes will need to be replaced much sooner than others. However, there are warning signs to let you know when to get them checked and replaced.


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Sounds When Braking

One of the most obvious signs is squeaking or squealing noises. Hearing any of these noises is a great indicator your brake pads need to be replaced, and the cause is usually worn down brake pads. Adding to this is any grinding or crunching noises. Ignoring early signs of brake failure will eventually lead to these sounds coming from your tires. If you do hear these noises, you need to replace your brakes as soon as possible.

Vibrations During Braking

Another warning sign is any vibrations felt while driving. These vibrations are often caused by warped rotors causing uneven wear on your brakes. More so, you may need to replace your brakes if your vehicle takes longer to stop than usual. It is also worth noting that if your brake light comes on the dash and you don't have your emergency brake engaged; you should contact one of our mechanics right away.

Thin Braking Material

Finally, an obvious warning sign your brakes need to be changed is thin brake pads. These can be checked by looking through your spokes on your wheel and inspecting the pads. Anything less than a 1/4 inch thick should be replaced.

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If you're still unsure how often to replace brake pads, why don't you give our service centre a call? We can inspect your brakes and help you order the right ones from our parts centre. Keeping your car safe on the road should be your top priority, and that's why changing your brake pads is so essential. If you still have questions, contact us today for more information on when to change your brake pads.

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