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Nissan Certified Pre-owned Inventory For Sale in Truro, Nova Scotia

If considering a used car for your next vehicle, check out the certified pre-owned inventory at Truro Nissan. Truro Nissan is a preferred Nissan dealership located in Truro, Nova Scotia. Our dealership proudly provides customers in the surrounding areas of Brookfield, Bible Hill, Valley, and Stewiacke with all the tools and resources they need to purchase their next car confidently. Our helpful and friendly staff is on hand to ensure you are satisfied with your next vehicle if you are looking to save money on a used car. We have a fresh inventory of certified pre-owned cars, which are carefully inspected to the highest manufacturer standards to ensure quality while giving you maximum cost savings. If you want a quality used vehicle for sale, contact us today to check out our stock.

What Does Certified Pre-Owned Mean?

To meet the stringent criteria for a certified pre-owned vehicle, a vehicle must have less than 120,000 KM on the odometer. It must also be less than six years old when it is listed for sale, and the inspection performed to ensure its physical soundness must be completed by a certified technician. The inspection performed for a certified vehicle is more comprehensive than a regularly used car inspection. A vehicle must pass a 172-point inspection test to be certified pre-owned.

Pre-Owned vs Certified Pre-Owned

Like many customers, you may wonder what the designation of certified pre-owned means for a vehicle compared to buying a regular used car. A certified pre-owned car is inspected even more rigorously than a regular used car. Our dealership also evaluates each car's paper records to ensure it has a clean title and vehicle report. We also throw in some bonus features, such as extended warranty coverage for cars added to our exclusive certified pre-owned inventory. Rest assured that even if you buy a regular used car, you'll still be getting a high-quality vehicle that has been carefully inspected and has no apparent mechanical or aesthetic problems.

Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Car

Many benefits come with getting a certified vehicle, including additional warranty coverage beyond the warranty offered for a new car. Most warranties include a one-year or two-year powertrain warranty. Roadside assistance is also a perk that's included in the certified vehicle program. You will also have a grace period to exchange your certified vehicle for another certified vehicle if you decide it's not the right car for you. Financing rates are also generally lower with a certified pre-owned vehicle.

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